The Sonoma dining room is a glamorous mix of elegant & versatile. The Sonoma’ǥË__¥Ë_¥Ë_’?’ǥË_¥Ë_s harmonious balance of clean lines and subtle shaping and textured details create a unique look that’ǥË__¥Ë_¥Ë_’?’ǥË_¥Ë_s suitable for any type of decor. The embossed diamond textures create visual interest.The eye-catching hardware contrasts the deep walnut finish perfectly showcasing the beautiful grain of the cherry veneers. With so much going for it, the Sonoma has all the look and style and function that’ǥË__¥Ë_¥Ë_’?’ǥË_¥Ë_s perfect for today’ǥË__¥Ë_¥Ë_’?’ǥË_¥Ë_s homes.

Sonoma Walnut - Walnut - Hutch & Server

Vendor: Najarian Type: server SKU: CMPSONOMA-HS


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